M2M Working Group

Focus: M2M market opportunity
Objective: Provide overview and guidance to all parties interested in 450MHz on M2M opportunity and 450MHz USPs to understand potential and get more parties to actively engage in M2M business development, both on operator and ecosystem side
Topics: Trends of M2M in general and market status and requirements in segments such as healthcare, Smart Cities, energy, public safety, transport, food and drink supply and safety, retail, facility managementUSPs of 450MHz in the targeted segments compared with other solutions (wired and wireless)Possible cooperation with other M2M groups

Agenda of 2014 M2M events

Focus: Business Concept and Reference cases
Objective: Prefabricate Business Case/Economic analysis and references for deployment concepts to facilitate and accelerate decision making process by operators and provide key input on vendors, i.e. importance of device cost for certain applications
Topics: Alternative Concepts – repositioning of existing network, dedicated network for specific user group/application, platform for multiple user groups, etc.Business Cases/Economics per concept/technology and/or verticalReference cases on for instance: coverage planning and measurements, capacity analysis, device sourcing, application development,
Focus: Wireless Technologies for M2M
Objective: Open + fair presentation + comparison of alternative options to support decisions by operators and provide feedback to vendors
Topics: Current and future markets use cases (see Market Opportunities) their resulting feature set and their technical specifications for M2M,Comparison of wireless technologies with regard to their capabilities for specific M2M applications (markets, use cases)Overview of wireless technologies for M2M applications
Focus: Standardization + Ecosystem + Supply
Objective: Improve communication between market, vendor community, standardization and regulatory committees, guide and provide comfort to ecosystem, including specification of standard requirements to reduce development cost and drive volumes
Topics: Lifetime equipment/technology supportCurrent foot print of technologies (current use and M2M plans)

Market status of industry resources

Cost effective modules for high volume/cost sensitive applications

PaaS (Platform as a Service): Cloud infrastructure for M2M

Consolidation of other CPE requirements into few standardized device types

Auto provisioning/registration

eSIM standardization: (identification and roaming)