Tele2 launches LTE-450 network in Moscow region

1 July 2016

Moscow – Tele2, an alternative mobile operator, has launched Russia’s LTE network in the 450 MHz spectrum under Skylink brand in Moscow and Moscow Region. The company has also made equipment for wireless Internet services more affordable: the operator has cut the cost of a router by over 20%.

The key advantage of the LTE-450 network is a high-quality coverage and high-speed data even in remote residential areas and villages with no stable GSM coverage and high-bandwidth Internet. Thus, a base station working in the 450 MHz spectrum is able to cover the territory with a radius up to 20 km, which exceeds 5-6 times opportunities of the LTE-supporting equipment in the 2600 MHz spectrum band. Besides, a new technology is able to provide good reception of signal in the buildings with complex construction features and basements. At a launch stage, the high-quality LTE-450 network is covering 90% of the Moscow Region.

To provide high-speed wireless Internet, the operator is offering special equipment to subscribers under the Skylink brand: two types of 4G routers for a country house and a mobile 4G router for travelling. This multi-purpose equipment is not only working in the 450 MHz spectrum but also supporting other LTE spectrum bands (800, 1800 and 2600 MHz). Thus, with LTE frequencies of higher spectrum available, the equipment will automatically switch onto them.

The operator has decreased the price of its routers in all regions where LTE-450 networks had been launched. By the end of July 2016 the device will cost 6990 rubles.

At a launch stage, users will be able to subscribe to one simple tariff. The client gets 8 Gb of high-speed Internet for a fee of 990 rubles per month. The cost of traffic in access of the bundle totals 12 kopecks for one megabyte.

Apart from providing high-speed mobile Internet to individuals, the company is planning to offer high-speed Internet based on the LTE-450 technology in the B2B segment. It is crucial for corporate subscribers to have a stable access to Internet while staying in the area not covered by other operators.

The operator is also planning to launch the MVNO project aimed at the development of special-purpose networks for governmental and security bodies.

Tele2 is offering corporate clients a convenient personal cabinet, an easy-to-use control system including an opportunity to set limits for SIM cards signed up as a part of one contract. Each company may choose the most convenient payment system: either prepaid or post-payment. Just as for individuals, after the limit of 8 Gb is reached, the traffic of corporate subscribers is charged at a fee of one megabyte in the main bundle (12 kopecks for megabyte). The tariff’s conditions are valid in the subscriber’s home region and during his trips over Russia.

Wide coverage is opening new opportunities in the M2M segment – in transport, banking, agriculture, construction and other spheres.

Igor Zhizhikin, CEO at Tele2 Moscow macroregion:

“A launch of the LTE-450 network in Moscow Region is very important for users as high-speed Internet will now appear in most remote and scarcely populated areas of the region. The LTE-450 network was most welcomed by Moscow subscribers of Skylink who earlier used services in the out-of-date CDMA standard – they may appreciate all advantages of the state-of-the-art technology. LTE-450 data services will be demanded by the residents of Moscow Region where wireless Internet speeds sometimes do not meet users’ expectations. The technology will also come useful for Muscovites who regularly go to the country and dachas.”

Additional information

Moscow and Moscow Region are the fifth and sixth regions of Russia where Tele2 has launched a new technology. The LTE-450 network earlier became available to residents of St. Petersburg, Leningrad, Tver and Novgorod regions. Tele2 is the only mobile operator in Russia having frequencies of 450 MHz. Frequencies that earlier belonged to CJSC Sky Link became available to the company as a part of Tele2 and Rostelecom JV. In June 2015, CJSC Sky Link was consolidated with LLC T2 Mobile as a part of legal reorganization. Tele2 will provide high-speed data in the 450 MHz spectrum under Skylink brand.

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