450 MHz Alliance Partakes in Energise Workshop

The 450 MHz Alliance participated in the Final ENERGISE Dissemination Workshop held on the 16th and the 17th of March, 2017 in Brussels. Daan Beaufort, chairman of the  Standards & Regulatory working group of the 450 MHz Alliance, presented a paper entitled “Highly Resilient Networks for Critical Applications”. In the paper, it was shown how 450 MHz networks can provide very resilient and secure communication for critical applications in a cost effective manner.

Daan Beaufort of 450 MHz Alliance presenting at Energise

ENERGISE is a research project of the EU Commission to do a Cost Benefit analysis for smart grid infrastructure. The goal of ENERGISE is to provide an expert tool that can be used in deciding whether to expand the ICT infrastructure in shared or dedicated form. The project started in 2015 and the Brussels workshop was the last event before ENERGISE will be finished.

With over 100 participants, the workshop was well visited. The 450 MHz Alliance’s contribution was well received, making it clear that there’s a third way alongside dedicated or shared (mass market) solutions, being a shared platform that is dedicated to critical communications, for the realisation of which 450 MHz networks are very suitable.

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